• 2021, Oct 23 06:10 pm

Taking a Trip To Turkey: Here Are 5 Must-Try Treats To Try

With the pandemic going on for the last two years, everyone has been confined to their homes due to strict public regulations. However, now that the situation with Covid-19 has eased a lot with the vaccination programs rolling out, many countries are lifting their traveling restrictions. Keeping that in mind, it’s an excellent opportunity to give yourself some leisure time by indulging yourself in a much-needed relaxing vacation. 

Travel to Turkey

Turkey has lately become a popular public holiday getaway according to the most recent data by United Nations World Tourism Organization, ranking among the world’s top ten tourist destinations with 51.2 million visitors, making it the sixth most visited place globally. 

The Turkish tourism industry is expected to see a further boost in the coming years. It has offered its rich heritage, diverse culture, tourist destinations, and picturesque scenery dotted with historically prime monuments.

Treat your taste buds in Turkey!

In addition to scenic landscapes and super-rich history, Turkey is also a country of mouthwatering treats. So if you are a foodie, Turkey has got some toothsome dishes for you. 

Want to take a bite?

Scroll down and get your imagination working.

1.  Turkish delight

Famously known as Lokum, Turkish delights are colorful sugar cubes that fill your mouth with utmost delight!

In addition to sugar, Turkish delight is a combination of roasted and chopped pistachios, walnuts, and dates. Being the literal eye candy, Turkish delight can please your eyes, excite your taste buds and fill your stomach.

2.  İskender Kebab

It is almost a sin to leave Turkey without trying the iconic İskender Kebab.  A successful play on Döner kebab, İskender Kebab consists of finely sliced lamb served with freshly made tomato sauce and warm bread. 

To further oomph the flavor, İskender Kebabs are topped off with generous dollops of yogurt and butter. This dish is such an immaculate combination of all the right flavors that if you try it once, you will unquestionably lick your plate clean. 

3.  Manti (Turkish Ravioli)

To all the pasta lovers out there, it is time to brace yourself for Turkey has its own and certainly a better version of Ravioli!

Made out of little handmade dumplings, Manti includes stuffed lamb or beef, and it is served alongside liberal helpings of creamy yogurt sauce. Manti takes quite a long time to prepare, but every bite is worth the wait.

4.  Mezze

Mezze is not one particular dish. Instead, it is a collection of small dishes that are served before the main course. Turkish Mezze includes a variation of herbs, rice-stuffed vine leaves, hummus, eggplant, and succulent meatballs.  

Usually served with white cheese and warm bread, Mezze offers an explosion of all the celebrated eastern flavors. 

5.  Baklava

We could not possibly complete our list without including these heavenly treats. Baklava is sticky, sweet, decadent, and almost too good to exist. They consist of flakey layers of pastry and have complimentary chopped nuts. 

Back in the era of the Ottoman Empire, these desserts were exclusively reserved for royalties. However, today they can be bought from any street corner in Turkey. So allow yourself to have regal pleasure and stuff your mouth with these scrumptious treats.

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